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About Blenheim Homes: Our Story

40+ years of turning homeowner dreams into reality.

From Young Couple to Successful Residential Developers

Jay and Kashmira Sonecha are an unlikely pair of residential developers. And looking back, that is what has likely made them so successful. When they started building properties over 40 years ago, they were just a young family. They approached every project not as developers but as a young couple building homes they thought other people would enjoy.

Approaching every decision with a “homeowner-first” philosophy, they have since earned nearly every industry award imaginable.

Most builders focus on how many homes they can squeeze into a development. But the Sonechas are more concerned with how much life a homeowner can get out of their home and community. It’s not about the size of a home, but rather how each homeowner will use every square foot. The Sonechas do not stop there, though. They also focus on how those homeowners will interact with their neighbors—and ultimately, how those neighbors will form the connective thread that runs through a happy and healthy community.

“What we leave behind for our homeowners and the local community is far more important than our bottom line.” It’s a unique set of ideals. But it’s what sets the Sonechas—and Blenheim Homes—apart.

We Build Homes and Communities We Truly Believe In

This has been the Blenheim Homes mantra since 1982, and the passion of our team has carried this vision out over the past 40 years. Whether we’re designing estate, carriage, or ranch homes, we create with uniquely thoughtful attention to detail. We obsess over every floor plan feature, every architectural element, and every landscaped open space to transform our ideas into your dream homes and communities. That time and attention to detail our team members devote to projects we undertake is what sets us apart.

Our ultimate goals? Making our homeowners happy in their spaces and confident in making one of life’s biggest investments with us.

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We Are a Family

The Blenheim Homes family is over 40 members strong. Some team members have been with us since we opened our doors over 40 years ago. Others are new additions, bringing fresh ideas and experience. Whether in their first decade or forth, they’re part of the collaborative, familial team we foster, all sharing a passion for designing thriving communities and stunning homes.

There is a genuine, familial feeling in the halls of our offices. One that creates a company culture that is warm and relaxed. Where we respect and value all input. Where our team members work with us, and not for us. It makes for a great work environment for our team and ultimately results in a better product for our homebuyers. Because it is conducive to the passion and creativity it takes to do the work we do. And it is what truly enables us to create the thriving, award-winning communities for which we have come to be known.

We Build Great Relationships

Passion and attention to detail drive us to create award-winning designs, but the relationships we build – with our trade partners, realtors, lenders – allow us to deliver incredible service to our homeowners. Whether with a sub-contracting partner of 20 years or a lender we consider part of the Blenheim family, we enjoy strong, long-standing relationships because of the quality of work we do and the connections we forge. This translates into better homes and experiences for our homeowners.