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Home Building in North Star, Delaware

North Star resides in New Castle County with a small population below 8,000 that is one of the state’s most ethnically diverse. Despite the town’s size, North Star is one of the best places to live in Delaware for quality of education, job opportunities, and nightlife that surpass most neighborhoods in the state. North Star also provides residents with great commuting options and is located an hour south of Philadelphia.

Home Building in North Star Delaware - Blenheim Homes

Why Build in North Star, Delaware

North Star is known for its more than exceptional quality of life and education in Delaware. With a population a little over 7,500, North Star is a tight-knit community despite its suburban appearance. Family-friendly North Star is a great place to start the next steps of your career journey or family — the place even Former Vice President Joe Biden (one of the most successful politicians to come out of Delaware) chose to call home with his wife and kids before being elected to the Senate. Despite its rural feel, North Star is home to numerous restaurants, coffee shops, and parks – like the beautiful White Clay Creek State Park, offering some of the most picturesque views in the northeast with majestic mountains and sprawling forests. The cost of living in North Star is reasonable, and 98% of residents live in owned homes.

"The professionalism of the sales staff was amazing. They recognized that I was spending my hard-earned money and… wanted to make sure that I was satisfied. I am truly overwhelmed by the quality of the construction and would highly recommend Blenheim to anyone in the market for a new home.""

- Lisa B.

Home Building in North Star Delaware - Blenheim Homes

Why Consider Blenheim Homes in North Star, Delaware

Blenheim Homes has devoted over 35 years of award-winning craft to building homes for the community, combining cutting-edge features and layouts with energy-efficient construction. When deciding where to build new communities in Delaware, we take everything into account—from proximity to schools and commuter routes to what amenities the land will allow us to create and the type of neighborhood connectivity we can weave into the community design. If you choose North Star as your next place of residence, Blenheim Homes can transform your dream home into a reality. 

Innovative floor plans, community locations & design, unrivaled architecture, premium materials, luxury amenities, and award-winning services are some of the reasons why you should choose Blenheim Homes. Our approach to home design is unique and personal because of our homeowner-centric design philosophy – we put ourselves in your shoes and consider what is most important to you, and what will make a difference in your everyday lives. Designing places for our community to make memories is a responsibility we love.

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